Making (Some?) Money as an Indie iOS Developer

Tokyo iOS Meetup, August 2014

iOS Tokyo Meetup Aug 2014.001

Does it make sense to base your business and career around developing consumer apps for the iOS store? The recent discussions online would suggest that it’s a risky proposition and few are managing to sustain ongoing development from these apps alone.


(Even more) Rapid App Development with RubyMotion

Bath (England) Ruby Meetup, June 2014


When creating iOS apps with RubyMotion, a good working knowledge of Objective-C is ultimately still required. Here we take a look at some external libraries however that aim to bridge the gap, making app development more accessible, not to mention faster.


Simpler Core Data with RubyMotion

Tokyo iOS Meetup, February 2014


RubyMotion is great for quickly prototyping apps but it lacks the data modelling tools that Xcode provides. Luckily, using Core Data with RubyMotion can actually be easier and quicker with a little help from some 3rd party libraries.