I’m an independent consultant and software developer based in Bath, England; I help businesses to increase their profits by leveraging technology and best practices. I’m also involved in the world of startups, particularly in Japan where the industry is really beginning to take off. I also make iPhone and iPad apps and build projects around problems I encounter which are often introduced to me by friends, colleagues and and people I’ve met at events and conferences. I like to compete in hackathons and events such as Startup Weekend (Kyoto 2011, London Edu 2013, Tokyo 2013) and Lean Startup Machine (Tokyo 2013) in search of new projects to work on and people to collaborate with. Having spent time in both industry (telecoms, oil exploration, embedded systems) and academia (PhD. in Computer Science, Evolutionary Computation & Neural Networks) I have become increasingly interested in the startup world. Software can’t solve all the world’s ills but certainly if your business is struggling to grow under the weight of paperwork, routine tasks or even administrative mistakes then having the right tools and processes may be the difference between the life and death of your business, especially in the current economic climate. I specialise in the building of systems that automate away the more routine aspects of work, allowing staff to focus their time on the more creative elements of their work. The true contribution and value of a business lies in its creative output; supporting and scaling this side of a business differentiates it from its competitors in a way that is difficult or even impossible to copy exactly.

Some Recent Feedback

“Stefan is an excellent developer with the combination of full picture view and management skills. Stefan leads as well as he conforms to the team in order to deliver according to or beyond expectations. Stefan is a perfect addition to any project that need re-steering or restructuring.” —Carl Wahlin, CEO, Lingo Network
“Stefan helped us speed up and improve our cohort analysis dashboard. He was helpful, friendly, and very knowledgable” —Andrew Cantino, VP of Engineering, Mavenlink
“I had the pleasure of working with Stefan and found him to be analytical, intelligent, focused and extremely productive… he was thoughtful about each task from both an engineering perspective and a business perspective. On top of this, Stefan is easy to work with and friendly. Any software team or company would benefit from Stefan’s experience and knowledge, and I recommend him unreservedly.” —Jason Winder, Co-founder of MakeLeaps, organiser of the Tokyo Hacker News Meetup
To discuss how we might work together, please get in touch here. For academic paper reviews my specialisation is in the application of Evolutionary Algorithms to the evolution of Neural Networks, with a particular focus on the Permutation (Competing Conventions) Problem.